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Attire in Nishiki-e of Meiji Era
From Monday, April 12
to Friday, July 30, 2021

The opening of Japanese ports in the 1850s (after a long isolation period) with the influx of Western civilization (customs/influences), and well as the twenties of the Meiji era (1888 - 1898) with the establishment of the western civilization are two important time periods to examine the westernization of Japanese clothing (fashion). Though western clothing was only worn by foreigners after the opening of Japanese ports, by the Meiji era western clothing was already being worn by Japanese people. The flow of transition to western fashion (clothing) can be seen in famous “Nishiki-e” woodblock printing art which was popular during that time.

This exhibition focuses on the attire depicted in “Nishiki-e” woodblock printing while exploring how people accepted western clothing, on their surprises and hesitations, how they interacted with the historical background of the time period, following the clothing that led to the westernization of Japanese clothing.
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